Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What EXACTLY is an Energy Reading?

An Energy Reading is an intuitive reading done be me for you.

It consists of three Oracle cards and about 10 minutes.

I read each card based on its images when concerning the energies around you.

I cannot tell your fortune.  I cannot tell you where you will meet the love of your life.  I cannot speak to your ancestors.  Well that one maybe I can.  I dunno where the info actually comes from.  It might be your or my great grandmother.  I just start talking about something always hits home.

Here, let me actually show you.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

{Card Study} Two of Wands

The Two of Wands.

First off, man, these are all really different.  The beauty of decks made by tarot enthusiasts (and part of the reason I buy so many different ones) is that one deck will resonate with you more than others.  I have cards that I know exactly what they mean as soon as I pull them, and cards that I have no idea.  I dream of the day that I learn the cards well enough to split up the decks and use just the cards that I know by heart.  One from this deck and other from that one.  So I have just the cards that will tell me the most right away.

On second thought that seems wrong somehow. Like I would be splitting up a family.

What I See
So many things.  There are themes for sure.  The world, the wands being held up. I don't see anything to tell me this is a “negative” or warning card.  2 is the number of conflict and dependence and duality.  When there are two the things are mirrored.   The rabbit symbolizes newness or abundance.  The child skeleton seems to mean the same thing.  The wands have to do with the mind, ideas and creativity.

The Antique Anatomy is fire.  The artist doesn’t use the suits as we are used to them.  I love that sometimes fire is just easier to understand than wands.  This is the skeleton of a small child looking at another skull that is the same as his.  It's a mirror, its dual, its young and pensive.

The Holly Simple Tarot and Wild Unknown seem to be pointing to positivity.  The yellow is cheerful and the rainbow suggests climbing the steps of the colors.   

What the Books Say

Progress, recovery and keeping an open mind.  The ball is rolling, be patient.

This card comes up when you are in the early phase of a project.  Independance and individuality.  It also says that your success rests on balance.  All work and no play isn't necessary success.

You are focused on a goal and have pointed all efforts in that direction.  It's time to be aware of your thought patterns.  Determination and direction.

You’ve started on a project and are awaiting the results.  This may mean there is a obstacle coming or you may need to change course.


So it seems I see more in the number two than the books do.  Remember the cards are written as a journey.  No cards stands all alone.  The two is after the Ace, so its the first step after the beginning.  The early stages of an idea.  The card is asking you to stay open minded to all possibilities, be intentional and focus on what you desire and what you project.  This is a card of determination, clarity and manifestation.  

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

{Card Study} 4 of Wands

The Four of Wands (decks: Holly Simple Tarot, Linestrider, Wild Unknown)

What I see: 
I see a circle or cycle of wands, It seems balanced and judging by the faces and the colors it seems calm and comforting.  Rabbits usually have something to do with abundance, think Easter.  I also know that the number 4 is the number of the square, a strong foundation and stability and cycle (seasons, phases of the moon).  The wands deal with fire, spark, passion, and drive.  Look at the Wild unknown, the colors outside the wands are the color of fire and inside they are blue.  The color of calm.  The calm looks protected by the cycle. As if it’s a special calm.  

This feels like the completion of building a foundation.  Work has been done in a creative area, the spark has built a fire and it burns strong and contented. 

The books tell me:
Allow yourself to rest and take a breath.  You have worked hard and now is the time to reflect and feel proud.  This is a very positive card. 

Completion of a project or the end of a time of effort.  In a relationship the card is asking that you leave the past and focus on the present. 

Completion and celebration.  Enjoy yourself and the ones you love.  

I didn’t at first see the relationship element of the card.  The Rabbits are together happily, the wands are vibing on each other and the wands on the right overlap and hold each other.  

This is a card I’ve pulled many times and only until now understood that it was about being done and being happy with the end.  I realize now it's about taking a break after working hard.  That you don't have to move nonstop forever, you need a breath.  It's ok to say no to things that you kinda want to do or even don't at all want to do.  Because in the end the way you spend your time is your choice.  I really believe that if an opportunity comes and you don't have time for it, then you should let it go.  When you have the space the universe will send you something even better. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

{Card Study} The Emperor

First Card Study!!!

Left to right: Holly Simple Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Linestrider Tarot


First lets look up the literal meaning -----> a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.
synonyms: ruler, sovereign, king, monarch, potentate;
So, he is in charge.

What I see:

This is a major cards and a masculine energy.  He is tall and strong and in charge.  One card has a wand in huge hands.  Wand signifies the spark, inspiration, and goals.  The tree is as tall as the sun but is a tree, not a monster or even a mountain.  The tree is calm and stable and fair.  The last king is stoic with a sword.  He is wearing red, the color of fire and passion.  It doesn’t feel like anger because of his face and stance.  In the minor arcana the swords represent intellect and knowledge.  

The books tell me:

Structure and execution.  Wise and teaches through experiences. Fatherhood, filled with wisdom.  Fearless.

Protection, stability, brings clarity of mind for decisions, suggests reconnecting to the part of you that is able to stand strong and knows exactly what to do.

The masculine that represents power and authority, provider and protector.  He is the father of the deck.  Champions the mind over the heart. Offer expertise, knowledge and values.


I have to say that this card is really good news for me considering this is the first lesson in this little idea.  I’m usually all up in the clouds with my colors and feelings, but the emperor reminds me that I have the ability to be stable and reasonable and when I am I can see things clearly.  

Do you see how just looking at the picture will give you so much information?  I will admit that I’m super new to tarot and this is as much for me to learn as it is for me to teach, cause that’s the best way I learn.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

{Card Study} An Introduction

Welcome to Tarot Card Study!  

This isn’t “Tarot School” because it’s not that comprehensive.  And there are some others that are already doing really good courses on how to read.  You really just wanna sign up with them.

What I want to do is think about the intuitive part, the part where there's so many different decks, and the part where you have to practice.   

Jumping right in, I do not enjoy the Rider-Waite.  I know, gasp.  It just doesn’t resonate with me.  I can only do this if I use tools that resonate with me.  I did get this classic first widely accepted deck in an effort to start from the roots and work my way up.  But that just didn’t happen.

Each deck maker and artist has the right to create their deck based on their own intuition and feeling towards what represents each card.

I love that concept. Because everyone is different.  Everyone’s intuition is different and everyone’s style is different.

I find the colors in the Rider-Waite painful and the symbolism overwhelming. My particular intuition is based in color and feeling or specifically the weight of a feeling, so it just wasn’t for me. I’m not going to be able to tell you that a dark stranger is about to walk into your life, but I can sense if light or heavy energy is heading your way.  

Thankfully, do to the power of Instagram and the universe and artists there are plenty of decks to choose from and I picked up a few that did resonate with me.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday I will pull my daily card, then fish out the same card in my other decks.  I’ll tell you what my intuition and experiences tell me about this particular cards then I’ll tell you what the guidebooks and the tarot books say.

These three decks resonate to three very distinct parts of me.  Depending on who I read or what I’m reading about I’ll use one of the other.

I firmly believe that your intuition will tell 75%  you what you need to know.  That you don't have to memorize the meanings of the cards.  HOWEVER, it does help a lot to be able to apply symbols and feelings to each individual reading if you remember what you felt last time you pulled it.  

But it’s really not that serious, you aren’t training to be a Somn.  Tarot is a tool to open up what is already under your surface.  It should be fun!

So let’s have fun and learning something together.

Join me Tuesday the 4th for the first Tarot Study; The Emperor.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Reading at FAWN Gifts

So I have this awesome group of girlfriends.  I was always a guys girl but now I realize that the social construct that we live in as girls has taught us to complete with each other at all times instead of thinking of ourselves as a community, thus ending all appreciation and acknowledgment of beauty or intelligence or inherent strength that we all need to feel connected.  Cause they don't like us when we're connected.

You know.  

So I have this awesome group of girlfriends, that seems to just have so many awesome other girlfriends.  On one of our gatherings I met Brea.  She owns an exceptionally cute store in Batavia, Il and she offered me space to teach classes and read cards.  All on the recommendation of another friend.  (See what happens when we support each other instead of drag each other down, but I digress).  

The point of the story is that I really want you to check out this store.  It's awesome. The vibe is empowerment and self care and the vintage record player alone is enough to keep me coming back.

But even more I want you to come visit Saturday the 8th because I'll be there from 3-6 doing readings!  I'm offering my Energy Reading at the event price of $25.  I'd love if you emailed me and grabbed a spot, but I'd also just like to see your beautiful face.

Friday, February 10, 2017

About Authenticity.

Being authentic is important to me.  I firmly believe your vibe attracts your tribe.   I've been obsessively drawing for the last week so instead of continuing to kill my carpel tunnel. Watch this video.