Friday, October 28, 2016

My First Readings!

I got my tarot deck three months ago.

Then a couple oracle decks.

I've been submersed in intention and manifesting.

After reading the book You are a Badass by Jen Sincero a few things fell into place.  She said that if you believe something is true.  Then it is.  When you start presenting as what you ultimately want to be then you become it.  On a whim I contacted a friend of mine that is also the owner of an art studio. She was planning a fall art show.  I asked if I could read cards.  She replied with YES!

Then I was immediately nervous.  Ask and you shall receive and all that.  

I'm grateful to her for letting me feel this out in a safe place.  I love this family and their art studio / yoga studio.

I'm spending the next two days cleansing my decks, studying the cards, coming up with an outline of a "typical" reading complete with times, and meditating with confidence mantras.

And a heap of good fucking luck and calm.  

I made this cute ass sign though.  So everything is gunna be just fine. 

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