Friday, November 25, 2016

How I read. {What is an Intuitive Reader?}

So you want to know why you should spend your money on a weirdo that pulls cards and says some gibberish.  This is why.  And this.....

I'll be the first to say it. 

I'm new to this. 

All of this. 

But if you know me you know I dive in without knowing the depth of the water.  I go head first and I Figure it out. I work because the challenge is the best part for me.  I began reading 3 months ago.  Yep, that’s it.  And there is no shame in the amount of time I've been reading because in that time I've devoted hours to handling my cards and most of the time of my days thinking about handling my cards or doing Reiki or how to turn this passion, the one that has been laying quietly, waiting for its chance to come out.

Since I heard about God.  
Since I felt a little different than other people. 
Since I've been tormented with deja vu.
Since I took up witch craft and tarot at 14.  To the worst possible outcomes.  It's been waiting for me to find the light.  

For the real me to come out and claim my place and my destiny.


All I'm saying is I want you to trust me.  It doesn't matter how long I've been reading for people.

It matters that I'm damn good at it.

I bought tarot cards, then discovered Oracle cards and the idea that there is no guidebook, no instructions appeals to me because I really hate to read instructions.  I want to just jump in. So oracle cards it is.  I looked all over the internet and to some blogs that I now follow religiously and soon came up with the spread that I use when reading for clients.  It’s a simple spread that allows room for me to do with it whatever I feel is correct in the moment. 

Don't forget it is INTUITIVE reading.  I pull cards, look at them, say what I see and feel about them.  If I get stuck I pull another card or ask the client what they think the card is referring to.  Sometimes it’s a secret to me, but crystal clear to them.

I do a meditation, intend the cards, cover them in white light and Reiki energy, and finally shuffle while thinking about the clients energy.  If the client is physically next to me, I'll ask him or her a question and watch the way their face moves or their voice changes.  If they with me I ask for a photo of themselves that they LIKE.  Then I can see the shine that they see in themselves.  As I shuffle I wait for the cards to tell me that they are full of energy.  Most often this is when I drop or slip a card.  This usually will become part of the reading. 

Lets talk about the layout. 

1.  The energy you are in now.  I love this idea.  I'm someone that is all over the place all the time.  Part of the reason I like cards in the first place is because without some focus I get easily overwhelmed.  I say yes to everything that sounds remotely interesting and I try to do it all at once.  This card can confirm something big that you couldn't place.  Or help you find the thing thats been nagging at you.  Or even saying "You're in an awesome space right now, enjoy it"

2.  Path.  I don't believe in destiny.  I think that we can affect change all day long.  We can create things and manifest.  This is simply a possible path.  With some people this is the path to what you want.  The path to what you need. Or even the path to something you never even considered.  I will pull more cards here if I feel like it.

3.   Outcome.  This is what happens if you follow this path.  Cards don't tell you what you want to hear.  Even if it is what you want to hear, its also come thing that you have to power to make happen.

4.   Shadow.  This is the last card I routinely pull.  It’s the card on the BOTTOM of the deck.  Not the next cards.  It is the shadow of the situation.  This is what can keep you from the path and outcome.  For example.  If luck is your shadow card that means you cant just sit around and wait, you can't just trust it will happen because then it won't.  This take work, this take INTENTION.

The cards they may have fallen out signifies that energy has been spread out.  They are like the little extra jewels on top.  The confirmations.  I look them over and add them where I feel they sit.

Notice there isn't a question here.  I don't take questions at this point because I don't want to set the expectation that I can answer specifics about your life. Because I can't do that.  I feel like that is a tarot thing.  For me Oracle is about receiving the information from the universe that you need right now. 

Its so organic, I love it. I am in the one in control. The information goes through me.  I don't usually remember everything I said cause it isn't for me.  There aren't many rules here.  There is setting intention, there is a bit of meditation, some grounding.  It all about trusting your intuition and what you have to do to clear that space.  Me trusting my intuition.  The more I trust that the more accurate my readings.  

Trust me.

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