Thursday, November 3, 2016

Reading for Real People! {(NIDO Spooky Show}

I mean other than myself, my husband and my brother.  Cause I've done that a million times.  I'm talking for real people, even strangers! There is a Yoga / Art Studio in my town called Aurora Yoga Center and NIDO Art Studio.  They are run by the amazing husband and wife team Jeff and Lisa Manning.  They have been putting on small shows for you years.  The Christmas vender show in December every year is where I sell most of my embroideries and crochet.  When I got an email from Lisa that she wanted to put on a Halloween theme show I asked if she would mind if I read cards.  As soon as I asked I was nervous and when she came back and said that its a great idea I realized nervous does me no good.
So I dove into studying my two favorite decks at the moment.  My Oracle of Oddities and my Earthbound Oracle.  Neither of these decks come with a booklet and that's part of the reason I love them.  I can't second guess myself, I must be confident.  There is nothing to tell me if I'm right or wrong.  There IS NO right or wrong. I pulled each card and began to look it over, noting anything it made me feel or think.  Sometimes looking up the symbolism of a flower or an animal.
  The day of I grabbed my cards and my embroidery, quilts, and crochet and set up.  I was way more excited than nervous.  I got two candles lit, some water to catch negative energy and three crystals.  Rose and clear quartz and a citrine.  My three favorites. The only real concern I have is that the reading is actually for the person sitting next to me.  I felt that  maybe I didn't clear the cards enough or didn't get ready enough, didn't clear my mind enough.  But i really just had to give up control and settle into the idea that I do this for a reason.  I want to do this for a reason. I want to help people by bringing some clarity to their life.  Just one small magical thing that will give piece of mind, or help make a decision. If they hated it or me, well that is just what it will be.  This is my calling.  I'm sure of it.
  • Trusting yourself is pretty damn important with intuitive work.  You are all you have. Confidence is an absolute must in order to get any information.
  • Free association gets me everywhere.  Just start talking.
  • Stop when it feels correct to stop.  The amount of time taken to read if different for everyone.  I don't want to have to fill time as much as I don't want to go way over time.
  • My cards are mine.  Reiki is the ultimate cleanser.
  • Ritual is important for me.  Gets me in the mind set.
  • If there cards aren't enough.  Pull more until they make sense.  Just keep reading.
  • When in doubt let your friends wreck them out.  


I'll very excited to read more and more for more and more people.  Any one know of a place I can set up shop?!





  1. Swoon! So good. I think you definitely were reading for the person sitting next to you. At least with me. 💖

  2. Swoon! So good. I think you definitely were reading for the person sitting next to you. At least with me. 💖

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