Thursday, December 8, 2016

I have a space!! {Thank you AYC!}

You guys!
I have a space to do Card Readings and Reiki Treatments!!!

Happy dance with me!

I've been thinking a ton about authenticity and clearing out things that don't serve me and I no longer need.  (There are lots.  Mostly clothes and shoes)

About what I REALLY want and what I REALLY want to do.   I know I want to be a light. (whether that is a beacon or a candle.)  I want to help people.  (I wanted to be a doctor and psychologist for most of my life).  From the second that Reiki has come into my life I knew that this was it. (DING)

Next step is creating space for Reiki and for my talents and figuring out exactly what I can do with it.

Two weeks ago I wrote down a long term goal.

That goal was to give Reiki and Card Readings at the Aurora Yoga Center.  I love Jeff and Lisa, the owners, and I love the vibe of the place. My highest goal would be to be part of their team.

Last weekend Jeff offered me space at AYC to practice.

I was shocked and excited and I'm so freaking geeked to be able to offer what I have to give in a safe and beautiful space.  I literally cannot say how grateful I am or how happy I am to be able to have made this calendar.

Ok enough gushing.  Come see me wont you!?!?!
Email me for more info or questions or schedule or really anything!

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