Friday, December 16, 2016

New Year Spread {example}

So after getting confirmation that I will have a place to pull cards I realized I needed to master a few decks.  It gives me the push I need to learn Tarot for real and I'm grateful for it.

Ive been working on a few new spreads and I want to show you what they look like and the feedback that you will receive if you choose to purchase one of these readings from me.

The first I will showcase is the New Year Spread.  This is a spread dedicated to the energy you are releasing this year and the what you will encounter next year.

Those of you that have received an Energy Reading from me know that I send an audio file with those readings.  I do plan to do that with the longer readings as I become more and more familiar with tarot.

I found that Tarot is really the only way to read these and have so far gotten great reviews from it.

This is an exact example of an email.

smaller.jpg   New Years Spread
     Read by Teresa Fiehn

Hi there!
First of all.  Thank you for your interest in my readings and!  I appreciate the opportunity to read for you.

Next  the boring stuff.  This reading is for entertainment purposes for persons over the age of 18.  I am not a Fortune Teller.  This reading is for your information only.  Do with it as you please.  That said.  Each reading is for, and only for the individual that requested the reading.  I meditate, call on Reiki healing energy, shuffle while telling the cards who and what the reading is for, then pull and interpret the cards.

Let's get started. 

This reading is for Judith.  I used the Wild Unknown Tarot and the New Years Spread.

The purpose of this spread is to give you an idea of what you will see and what you will be dealing with in the upcoming year. 

The Spread;
New years spread.jpg


1.  Theme of the year

5 of wands

Wands deals with our dreams and goals, our fire and passions.  On the card you see 5 wands scattered.  Your focus is mixed and there isn't a linear thought process to hold on to.  Your energy is moving outwards in every direction when you really need it inside.   You must find ways to bring focus to your mind this year or these troubles will only get worse.   I know this is something that will make sense to you.  This card is telling me it's time for you to find a way to ground yourself so you don't continue to expense all your energy. 

2.  The energy leaving this year.

Mother of Pentacles

Court cards often represent people.  The pentacle family is very connected to earthy things, the home, work, etc.  Dark hair and eyes.  I believe this card represents you.  The mother of pentacles knows exactly what her role is in the home.  Her children are very attached to her and her identity can become completely wrapped up in her children only.  The departing energy here is the feeling around being "just a mother".  This is a big job and you are great at it.  But it's time to take time for your own interests and needs. 

3.Talents you will be experiencing.

Daughter of Pentacles

This is you at your best.  These are the talents that will keep you grounded and keep your energy within you.  The daughter is curious and kind.  She is hard working and responsible, handling details well.  She enjoys being depended on.  She has a wealth of inner strength and will excels when in nature. 

4. Future Opportunities

Mother of Cups

So many court cards!  Cups are of the heart.  They are love and friendship and emotion.  This family is artistic, creative, dreamers.  Light hair and eyes.    She is gentle and psychic.  Her insights bring healing to those around her.  She thrives in any situation that involves her family, arts and beauty.  This card is telling you that this year you have the opportunities to pull away from being the mother of pentacles and be more like the mother of cups.  She is the mother of water.  Don't forget cups has to do with heart.  Pentacles is all about logic and hard work.

5. Upcoming Obstacles

10 of swords

And talk about obstacles.  This card is about negativity.  It points back to the wands in the theme card.  Wands are about your passions, your fire.  This card says that mental burdens are weighing on you putting out your fire.  If there is a situation that you are in that you can walk away from that makes you feel like the picture on this card, turn and leave it.  You can't just deal and get through it.  If this is a feeling you must take time to be positive and be especially kind to yourself.

6. How to deal with obstacles.

3 of Cups

You deal with the negativity with positive energy and your friends.  In this card we see three birds talking.  The colors are warm and inviting.  This is a very positive card.  These are friends that match your soul vibration.  That pull the swords out of your heart.  Cups have to do with the heart.  Part of self care for you is making time to be with those people whose energy you crave.

7. How to achieve goals.

9 of swords

This card is actually about how to ensure you do NOT achieve your goals.  Swords are bout change and power.  They are dynamic and the suit of intellect and action.  This card is one of the darkest.  It says nightmare and insomnia.  About battling with yourself.  Find joy. 

This year warns that you may be coming into a time of scattered energy.  This energy needs to be blocked from seeping from you.  This is your energy and you need it to combat the obstacles you will face.  The obstacles have to do with not feeling passion or drive, being hard on yourself, not seeing your own gifts.  You are invited to spend time with joyful people.  Your energy leaks out unwittingly but you also draw in others energies.  Seek out time with those people with the good energy.  You are moving away from being "just a mother" and moving into being a Cups mother.  A mother full of heart and love and fun.  The only way to be full of love is to take care of yourself first.  The light must be moving into you to move out of you.

Thank you again for the opportunity to read for you.  I hope this has been not only fun but informative.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

Please also take just a few minutes to fill out my feedback survey.  There is only 5 questions and shouldn't take more than 2 minutes on your phone.  Your feedback is invaluable to me as I grow my business. 

Light and Love,


So there you have it.  Please contact me at or @queen.of.marigold on Instagram or even Teresa Fiehn on Facebook if you would like to purchase one of these readings for $30.   

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