Friday, February 10, 2017

About Authenticity.

Being authentic is important to me.  I firmly believe your vibe attracts your tribe.   I've been obsessively drawing for the last week so instead of continuing to kill my carpel tunnel. Watch this video.



  1. As soon as you started talking and disclosed your struggle I wanted to comment - even before you asked. I love you just as you are and I want to support you in my own way (by praying for your good). We have different beliefs but that doesn't matter in our friendship. Who you are matters, the person you are; your passion, love, your personhood. You have helped me to understand you much better in the last 10 minutes. Thanks. You have wonderful kids and a pretty good husband too - no, a great husband. :-) I look forward to knowing you even better. Be at peace with yourself.

  2. Cant comment much as Im in the middle of my own struggle and it will go off and be all gooey and emotional so just know I am sending you all my love, always. ♥ - Slaughter

  3. What a raw but inspiring video. Thank you for sharing this piece of you. I wish you the best in your journey.
    I want to get a reading from you soon!