Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Reading at FAWN Gifts

So I have this awesome group of girlfriends.  I was always a guys girl but now I realize that the social construct that we live in as girls has taught us to complete with each other at all times instead of thinking of ourselves as a community, thus ending all appreciation and acknowledgment of beauty or intelligence or inherent strength that we all need to feel connected.  Cause they don't like us when we're connected.

You know.  

So I have this awesome group of girlfriends, that seems to just have so many awesome other girlfriends.  On one of our gatherings I met Brea.  She owns an exceptionally cute store in Batavia, Il and she offered me space to teach classes and read cards.  All on the recommendation of another friend.  (See what happens when we support each other instead of drag each other down, but I digress).  

The point of the story is that I really want you to check out this store.  It's awesome. The vibe is empowerment and self care and the vintage record player alone is enough to keep me coming back.

But even more I want you to come visit Saturday the 8th because I'll be there from 3-6 doing readings!  I'm offering my Energy Reading at the event price of $25.  I'd love if you emailed me and grabbed a spot, but I'd also just like to see your beautiful face.

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