Tuesday, April 4, 2017

{Card Study} The Emperor

First Card Study!!!

Left to right: Holly Simple Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Linestrider Tarot


First lets look up the literal meaning -----> a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.
synonyms: ruler, sovereign, king, monarch, potentate;
So, he is in charge.

What I see:

This is a major cards and a masculine energy.  He is tall and strong and in charge.  One card has a wand in huge hands.  Wand signifies the spark, inspiration, and goals.  The tree is as tall as the sun but is a tree, not a monster or even a mountain.  The tree is calm and stable and fair.  The last king is stoic with a sword.  He is wearing red, the color of fire and passion.  It doesn’t feel like anger because of his face and stance.  In the minor arcana the swords represent intellect and knowledge.  

The books tell me:

Structure and execution.  Wise and teaches through experiences. Fatherhood, filled with wisdom.  Fearless.

Protection, stability, brings clarity of mind for decisions, suggests reconnecting to the part of you that is able to stand strong and knows exactly what to do.

The masculine that represents power and authority, provider and protector.  He is the father of the deck.  Champions the mind over the heart. Offer expertise, knowledge and values.


I have to say that this card is really good news for me considering this is the first lesson in this little idea.  I’m usually all up in the clouds with my colors and feelings, but the emperor reminds me that I have the ability to be stable and reasonable and when I am I can see things clearly.  

Do you see how just looking at the picture will give you so much information?  I will admit that I’m super new to tarot and this is as much for me to learn as it is for me to teach, cause that’s the best way I learn.

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