Saturday, April 1, 2017

{Card Study} An Introduction

Welcome to Tarot Card Study!  

This isn’t “Tarot School” because it’s not that comprehensive.  And there are some others that are already doing really good courses on how to read.  You really just wanna sign up with them.

What I want to do is think about the intuitive part, the part where there's so many different decks, and the part where you have to practice.   

Jumping right in, I do not enjoy the Rider-Waite.  I know, gasp.  It just doesn’t resonate with me.  I can only do this if I use tools that resonate with me.  I did get this classic first widely accepted deck in an effort to start from the roots and work my way up.  But that just didn’t happen.

Each deck maker and artist has the right to create their deck based on their own intuition and feeling towards what represents each card.

I love that concept. Because everyone is different.  Everyone’s intuition is different and everyone’s style is different.

I find the colors in the Rider-Waite painful and the symbolism overwhelming. My particular intuition is based in color and feeling or specifically the weight of a feeling, so it just wasn’t for me. I’m not going to be able to tell you that a dark stranger is about to walk into your life, but I can sense if light or heavy energy is heading your way.  

Thankfully, do to the power of Instagram and the universe and artists there are plenty of decks to choose from and I picked up a few that did resonate with me.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday I will pull my daily card, then fish out the same card in my other decks.  I’ll tell you what my intuition and experiences tell me about this particular cards then I’ll tell you what the guidebooks and the tarot books say.

These three decks resonate to three very distinct parts of me.  Depending on who I read or what I’m reading about I’ll use one of the other.

I firmly believe that your intuition will tell 75%  you what you need to know.  That you don't have to memorize the meanings of the cards.  HOWEVER, it does help a lot to be able to apply symbols and feelings to each individual reading if you remember what you felt last time you pulled it.  

But it’s really not that serious, you aren’t training to be a Somn.  Tarot is a tool to open up what is already under your surface.  It should be fun!

So let’s have fun and learning something together.

Join me Tuesday the 4th for the first Tarot Study; The Emperor.

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