Wednesday, May 3, 2017

{Card Study} Two of Wands

The Two of Wands.

First off, man, these are all really different.  The beauty of decks made by tarot enthusiasts (and part of the reason I buy so many different ones) is that one deck will resonate with you more than others.  I have cards that I know exactly what they mean as soon as I pull them, and cards that I have no idea.  I dream of the day that I learn the cards well enough to split up the decks and use just the cards that I know by heart.  One from this deck and other from that one.  So I have just the cards that will tell me the most right away.

On second thought that seems wrong somehow. Like I would be splitting up a family.

What I See
So many things.  There are themes for sure.  The world, the wands being held up. I don't see anything to tell me this is a “negative” or warning card.  2 is the number of conflict and dependence and duality.  When there are two the things are mirrored.   The rabbit symbolizes newness or abundance.  The child skeleton seems to mean the same thing.  The wands have to do with the mind, ideas and creativity.

The Antique Anatomy is fire.  The artist doesn’t use the suits as we are used to them.  I love that sometimes fire is just easier to understand than wands.  This is the skeleton of a small child looking at another skull that is the same as his.  It's a mirror, its dual, its young and pensive.

The Holly Simple Tarot and Wild Unknown seem to be pointing to positivity.  The yellow is cheerful and the rainbow suggests climbing the steps of the colors.   

What the Books Say

Progress, recovery and keeping an open mind.  The ball is rolling, be patient.

This card comes up when you are in the early phase of a project.  Independance and individuality.  It also says that your success rests on balance.  All work and no play isn't necessary success.

You are focused on a goal and have pointed all efforts in that direction.  It's time to be aware of your thought patterns.  Determination and direction.

You’ve started on a project and are awaiting the results.  This may mean there is a obstacle coming or you may need to change course.


So it seems I see more in the number two than the books do.  Remember the cards are written as a journey.  No cards stands all alone.  The two is after the Ace, so its the first step after the beginning.  The early stages of an idea.  The card is asking you to stay open minded to all possibilities, be intentional and focus on what you desire and what you project.  This is a card of determination, clarity and manifestation.  

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