I am a Intuitive Oracle Card reader.

Hey want a reading!?

I'd love to give you one!

I read Tarot and Oracle Cards.  I'm an Intuitive Reader.  That means that I have strong feelings and I don't worry about how weird it sounds, I just Tell you want they are.  The cards have symbols and meaning built into them that I use, along with my gut to give you insight into your life, love, career, or the perfect summer short and lipstick combo.

I cannot tell your future.  I can tell you what is going on and help you to find a way through it or give you tips on how to better enjoy the change or transition energy.  I can coach you through something weird or scary or intimidating.  I can help you understand a dream or a feeling or just listen to your coincidences and that time you got chills when you were alone. And I'll say, I know right! Freaky!

I have never come across anything evil, scary, or even slightly creepy, other than the weird truth of course, in a reading.  As a lightworker I prefer to only deal in positive vibes and growth.  That isn't to say that every card is a positive card.  But we will always find something constructive to take away from the read.

Every reading will establish what is just below the surface, a clarification on a path, maybe something new that you never considered.  It's only illumination.

I can help.

I am officially offering three readings at this time.

Tarot Three Card Energy Spread.

This spread is one that I've perfected for remote readings.  Remotely, through email, you will receive photos of your cards and an 5-8 minute audio of your reading.  Time is totally dependent on how much information I receive from the cards.  This is also available in person.  $30. Please email to schedule.

Energy Spread with the Earthbound Oracle

New Year Spread.

This is a comprehensive reading concerning the entire year.  Your talents, challenges, and what you have to look forward to.  The reading will be emailed to you with photos and explanations of all cards. $60 through the end of February.  To see what thais reading looks like check this out,

New Year Spread with the Linestrider Tarot

Lovers Spread

This one is for the lovers out there!   Two decks are used, one for each person in the relationship.  Get to the heart of your relationship with guidance regarding how each person feels and what each person needs most. $60 Email to schedule.

Lover Spread with the Linestrider and Wild Unknown Tarot

I am able to create spreads depending on your situation.  Please don't hesitate to contact me even if you don't fit these three categories.

Please contact me at for more information on readings or to schedule a reading.

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